Download: Ready In Seconds

Snow Monster released their sophomore album, Ready In Seconds, in July of 2008.
The weekly Louisville paper The LEO wrote the following review:
"Miley Cyrus ain’t got nothin’ on Mabel, the 5-year-old lead singer of Louisville’s own Snow Monster!
The indie/new wave/post-punk band’s second album, Ready in Seconds, features new original material written by Mabel herself. She touches on global issues and the importance of community efforts in “Handz R 4 Helping,” the challenges of suffering an identity crisis in “Now That I’m a Lemon,” and updates listeners with a recurring theme in “Snow Monster (Part 2).” The album includes instrumentation by Mabel’s dad, Dustin, as well as 6-year-old drummer Luke (who is also in the band Sea Monster, not to be confused) and even a visit from the ever-soothing voice of WFPK’s Laura Shine.
The album is brilliant fun, with music mixed electronically with Mabel’s lyrics, each track creative and unique. It’s more than just cute, and I think we all kind of wish we were that cool when we were 5. If she keeps this up, there’s no doubt she’ll go platinum by second grade." —Jane Mattingly

Once again, this download differs slightly from the original CD release.


1. Handz R 4 Helping
2. Rock & Roll Nicole
3. Now That I'm A Lemon
4. Who's There?
5. Snow Monster (Part 2) featuring Jimmy Conway
6. Make Yr Own Kind Of Music

All songs by Mabel and Dustin except #1 music by Steve Wethington, #5 some lyrics by Addam Vessa and #6 originally recorded by Mama Cass and written by Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil.

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